Jeral Oliver
Mr. Gardner is an absolute pleasure to work with and very polite and professional. He’s a God fearing man that is fair and honest, and the cost of his services are very reasonable and competitively priced. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the West Atlanta area including other Churches.
Ross Rea
Dennis and Jason are both great. They have been servicing our home for about a year now. They are a family business and do a great job of keeping our home pest free.
Lori Pyne
Fabulous work ethic, great job
jorcely marcano
Wonderful pest control service and Mr. Dennis is too nice and helpful highly recommended !
Candice Eldredge
They are so sweet and they do a wonderful job. They really care about the people and their job. We had a really bad case of stink bugs in 2018. They came out sprayed everywhere and got rid of them. We have used them since.
Rhonda Brown
Thank you G&G! The service was on time, thorough and a blessing!
Michaela-anne James
I think that for the problem I had, that they did a great job and are continuing to improve on my situation.
Phil Powell
These guys know what they're doing and couldn't be nicer. They communicate about the process, are always on time, and respect our home as if it's their own. We've used them for years and will continue to do so.
Athea Carter
I am thankful that Jason was able to treat my home. The service was thorough, inside and out. I appreciate the friendly professional service and would certainly recommend G & G Exterminating.
Rodney Simmons
We have been using the services of G & G Exterminating for a while now. When we first searched for a pest control provider, we had four different companies come out, everyone else conversation and sales pitch seem more or less like a hustle, and a attempt to sale more than what we wanted. Or the approach didn't express a concern for our interest of concern, but a conversation of making their company money. When Jason came out he was had a great conversationalist, a good listener and wanted to satisfy our need with a price and service that we were comfortable with. They have from day one provided an outstanding service, no pest noticed afterwards in the home. And their gurantee is if you should notice uninvited pest, they will return and perform a no question asked service. We are extremely satisfied with G & G service, their fair and honest. They matched the best offer that we received and have performed a very professional service every since. Thanks a million, we appreciate and would without hesitation recommend their service.
The best place I ever spent money with its good to know that I can receive the satisfaction of knowing that all my issues with my home was taken care of very professional by a guy name Jason . He knew so much about the issues that had occurred with my home it's like he was born to do this its like He is the GOD OF EXTERMINATION
Ashley Lance
I contacted G & G to discuss pest control, termite and mosquito services for our home to keep everything in good standings. I was able to speak with Dennis the owner on Tuesday. When talking to him you can tell how passionate he is about his company. He was very knowledgeable and helpful to get me taken care of. Speaking with 4 other local companies prior, their pest control fees were affordable. The next day Cameron came out and did a thorough estimate for their termite service on our property which again, was more affordable then the other companies I spoke with. Today (Thursday), Ronny arrived early to begin our initial services of terminate treatment and pest control. He was very professional and thorough with his services. I have already recommended them to two friends based off my experience and I look forward to continued satisfaction with G & G.
Kingdom Living International Old
G&g has been such a blessing to our ministry. There services are beyond excellent! There professionalism is unmatched by any other business that we conduct business with!
Carla LewisLive
I am so grateful to have been referred to this company. I have a dog and the ants and flies where getting out of control, and to add to that there was a beehive that had taken up residence in my gate. They were on time with there appointment and handled the problem. Thank you
Loving Hands
G&G has been providing pest control services for us for many years. They always address our concerns and take care of any special pest issues that arise.
Tater Tot
I needed an exterminator today 6/20/2020. Had someone scheduled, but they gave me the runaround. G&G Exterminating was at the top of my Google search. I called and immediately Dennis Gardner said he could come. He showed up within 15 minutes, very polite, professional, and a man of faith. He was thorough and highly knowledgeable. I can’t say enough!
Justin Buckner
Dennis provided excellent and respectable service when i noticed a rodent issue in my home. He answered any questions i had. He even came to my home on Memorial day when things became too much too bear. I highly recommend them.
Juanita Austin
My initial phone conversation with the owner Dennis Gardner was very pleasant and professional. My home was treated for rodent control by his son Jason. He was punctual, professional and thorough. He patched up areas where needed and even sprayed the exterior of the home for other insects & pests. He did a great job! I highly recommend their services. 😉
Jewell Andrews
So, II’ve used G&G since May and this morning after being out of town for a couple days I came home to find a random weird mini infestation so obviously in between loosing my mind and killing bugs I called Dennis and he called me Sandy who’s in the office and she was awesome I told her I needed someone like today, right now. And Dennis came out at 11. Super awesome guy. Very thorough Very sweet Very affordable
Giggles Early
This company is absolutely wonderful! I could hear a mouse in my attic I called and Dennis the owner came out the same day. Mr Gardner and I had a lovely conversation while he inspected my home. He was very patient and informative from start to finish. The price was very reasonable. A week after the initial inspection and setting of traps Dennis returned to check on me took extra steps to solve the problem and less than 4 days later my mouse problem was gone! Thank you so much G &G. I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing a pest problem.
Selma Gold
Great company especially now...corona treatment was great
Jessie Zavala
G&G were wonderful to work with. Mr Dennis was very professional and helpful he explained everything that he done . And cared enough to let me know other steps that I needed to have done to help make sure that this would not happen again. This is a wonderful company that puts their customers first with their A1 professionalism work. I am very lucky to have came across this wonderful company and people when I needed an exterminator. I will recommend them to everyone who needs an exterminator.
L West
I wish I could give this company a 10 star rating. You hardly ever see someone so passionate about their line of work. Mr Dennis I like to personally thank you for servicing our home. You are very knowledgeable and extremely kindhearted. You went well beyond what I was expecting. Thank you in a time of need! We will continue using you from now on. Last, I have to address the one bad review that your company got from someone name Jessica. To whomever reading my review that one bad review is not of their character. This company is awesome. Thank you again!
jeff bailey
Great pest control company...been using them for years. Dennis and his team great to work with.
Nancy Duncan
G&G were able to get rid of roaches that other companies had not be able to do for over a year. We have been using them ever since!
Tannisha Duffie
I was blessed to find a pest control company that is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. G&G is the best around!!
Lili Ledezma
I love it, Professionalism and effectiveness the price is affordable and comprehensive .
Lena Irish
Very pleased with the services G&G Exterminating Service provides to our home. We are thankful for their prompt and dependable service and their desire to get it right every time. We highly recommend them for your one-time or regularly scheduled pest control services.
Coretta Fraser
Very thorough, informative, and experienced.
Michael Smith
Where do I start with an experience such as one that I just received! I conducted over 10 estimates over the phone for pest services prior to G&G: Terminex, Orkin, Pestban, Allgood, Arrow, etc. Every company wanted to charge me different amounts for ants, bees, mosquitoes, etc. When I contacted Mr Dennis about his services and how much extra services cost. He stated “Mr Smith I kill pests, and you are paying for pest removal”! Goes on by saying “I dont know why companies charge all the extra for no reason”! That statement alone made me cancel my appointment I had already made with Arrow! I felt appreciated as a customer versus being robbed. Moving along to when Mr Dennis gets here! This dude knows his stuff! Its almost like he thinks about bees and bugs in his sleep! Definitely a people person! Within an hour appointment I know the following: his family, every house he owns, his wifes schedule, Hope is great at the new office, how many grandkids he has, family morals, finance, how to become debt free, ohhhh and how to keep all the creepy things out! Its absolutely impossible to say these guys are bad people! Lol. This dude is definitely my pest guy for life. Mr dennis leaves and says, “call me so we can talk bugs or if you just simply want to talk” LMAO! Love the guy!
Vincent Pray
G & G Exterminating Service is awesome! I called Dennis on Friday and explained my problems and within one hour his son was at my house to give me an estimate. The job was scheduled for Monday (3/30/20), but Dennis completed the job on Sunday. Very courteous and friendly family. Great price and Great service. I highly recommend G & G Exterminating Service. Thanks for the excellent service and quick response time.
Margaret Brown
Excellent work. Very detailed and went the extra mile. Great company with phenomenal employees.
Julie Everingham
Great service, friendly staff, and I would recommend them over and over.
Samantha Kofi
The best experience ever !!! Hands down an over all amazing company. Dennis was very nice and professional he was as to fit me into his schedule last minute. He is an absolute life saver!
Tiffany Scott
I called G &G last year about a serious problem with ants popping up in my kitchen, almost a year later and they are magnificent! Dennis, the owner is so personable and a pleasure when he comes by. He’s very knowledgeable on the services needed to be done. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Tiffany Edwards
Excellent service, called this company at 8:00 am on a Sundsy morning and was able to get help. Had an issue with an outside rat getting into my mothers house and he was there within the hour.. Very recommended.
My husband and I have tried various exterminating services and have never been so satisfied as we are with this company! They are professional, kind, and very efficient! We look forward to using G&G Exterminators for all our future needs. -The Bruce’s
Hey I would like to take the time out and praise these guys. They did my termite inspection and I had rodent in my attic that they took care of. They came out the same day even though they were busy. I can’t thanks them enough for the peace of mind. Jason is the one that came out both times. He even gave me some useful information about a leak in my crawl space and that my gutters needed to be cleaned soon. Most people wouldn’t of even bothered to tell me about other stuff they aren’t working on. I would completely recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Thank y’all -Ashley
I had the privilege of speaking with a young lady named Caitlyn. She sounded like a young adult lady, and may I just say: The professionalism and decorum that I received from her service is beyond commendable! Bravo, Caitlyn! If employees at every other company could provide customer service as impeccably as she did, doing business would always be enjoyable and easy. I have been a customer service manager for 26 years and I would be extremely lucky, grateful and honored to have her as one of my employees. Kudos to her, as well as G&G for recognizing a great asset and having her on your team! I look forward to continuing my business with G&G for the foreseeable future due to the outstanding customer service performance by Caitlyn. Keep up the great work!
Jason was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would call them again and again. Great company!
Very professional. On time as promised and did explained everything extremely well.
Great customer service. Easy to book an appointment! I?m very happy!
Loved them!!!!
Very nice people and listened to my needs.
Love how respectful and helpful they were to me I would highly recommend them over any one else